Need more patients? Is your census low? Not getting enough website traffic? Whether you’re an assisted living facility or a home care agency, you want your website to work.

But how do you do it? Especially when you spend most of your efforts on patient care. Who wants to waste time tinkering with a website when they’d rather be working with the patients or improving core systems?

That’s why you need a Compelling Content Website Diagnosis. In less than a week you can be armed with specific recommendations that make your website a positive experience for your visitors, and a source of ever-increasing patient and clients.

A Compelling Content Website Diagnosis is a “Comprehensive Work-Up” for your website. In just a few days time, your site will get a complete diagnosis, specifically focusing on these common — but often overlooked — problem areas:

  • Web Page Effectiveness — Each page of a website is like one part of the body. They all have a role to play. Enhance the effectiveness of each page of your site with my Page-by-Page Assessment. This part of the Compelling Content Website Diagnosis can be done for your whole site, or, if you’re on a tight budget, just one or two key pages.
  • Website Architecture — 3 to 5 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab your reader’s attention online. Visitors have to understand how your site works almost instantly, or they’ll go somewhere else. In this portion of the Diagnosis, you receive an industry-standard assessment of your site’s ‘muscular skeletal’. Without a healthy spine, your website doesn’t move.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the key to driving traffic to a website. The Compelling Content Website Diagnosis examines the ‘organ systems’ of your pages, and recommends specific ways to enhance it. SEO is the nutrition your site needs for optimal health.

No matter how nice the graphic design, ineffective content will ruin your website’s effectiveness. The Compelling Content Website Diagnosis identifies the problem and provides a definitive treatment plan.