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Healthcare Blog Copywriting

Blogs Position You As An Authority

Healthcare blogs are one of today’s most popular senior care service marketing tools. Once considered only an instrument for self-expression, they’re now seen as an effective method for building a brand and generating sales.

A well-written blog becomes a platform that enhances your relationship with existing patients and clients, exposes your practice or company to potential new customers and positions you as a healthcare leader.

Healthcare Blogs Help with SEO

Blogs on your senior care website can help your site gain search engine ranking, which then translates into increased traffic. Because you’ll continually add content to your blog, search engines notice that your site is fresh, relevant, and educational.

Blogs also give you the opportunity to use relevant healthcare keywords that your prospective patients and clients are searching for (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, memory care, assisted living, home care, aging-in-place, etc.). Your site can target the keyword phrase “assisted living facility near me” as well as related phrases like “how much does assisted living costs?” and “what is memory care?”

That type of content positions you as the authority on assisted living both to Google and your potential adult caregivers, and you can link from your blog to related sales pages on your website.

Healthcare Has Embraced Social Media

Social media and blogging go hand-in-hand. Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are perfect places to announce new posts and attract new readers. Your best posts may even go viral with your patient and clients promoting them to their own networks.

Get Help Creating Your Healthcare Content

Writing posts on a regular basis an important SEO factor.  Is writing blog posts is the best use of your time?  If not, then consider outsourcing that function to a professional healthcare blog writer—an AWAI-trained registered nurse, and Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®.

You can determine your level of involvement.  Come up with the topics yourself or let the blog writer offer suggestions. Often having an “outsider” develop ideas is a way to add a new perspective to your blog content and keep it fresh.


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