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Resuscitate Your Email List

Senior Care Email Marketing  System

Whether you’re an assisted living facility, home care agency, or medical practie, you probably have an email list. And you aren’t getting as much value out of it as you want.

If you have any of these email frustrations…

  • Low open rates (poor engagement)
  • High opt-out numbers (lack of loyalty or commitment)
  • No measurements for how well your emails actually work (no data tracking)
  • Low click-through rates (ineffective email copywriting)
  • High bounce rates (outdated list)
  • They open them, they click, but they don’t take action (ineffective landing page)

… then you have symptoms of an underperforming email marketing strategy.

Each problem listed above has a root cause (listed in parentheses). And each of these root causes can be overcome through effective use of email best practices.

But we can distill the entire email marketing strategy down to one question:

What do your patients and clients expect from your emails?

This is the fundamental question of email marketing. And whether you’re an assisted living facility or home care agency, here’s a small sample of questions you need to ask:

Q: Do they expect emails weekly, monthly, daily?
Q: How often are they comfortable being asked to give or buy something?
Q: What kinds of content do they look for in your emails besides asking for money or sales?
Q: Do they have expectations about how long it should be?
Q: Do they look for content to share on social media, or just keep to themselves?

When you fail to address these questions, you end up with annoyed, frustrated, burned out, and invisible patients and clients.

They stop reading. They stop opening. They referring. 

Senior Care Email Marketing Solution

Here’s the process we’ll use to create emails that meet your goals:

1. Research. We’ll discuss your needs, goals, business, and patients.

This is the most crucial step of all email marketing best practices. The best results happen when this step is fully implemented. It often takes several hours. But this upfront investment of time produces much better results.

As we learn about your services, we’re looking for the key elements that will make up the heart of the email campaign.

2. Organize research, testimonials, and notes

This is where key messages and themes will emerge and be developed.

3. Set the framework for the campaign

Do you want a single email to promote a single cause? A weekly email or newsletter? An autoresponder series? How many emails in the series? Do you want a landing page explicitly geared to the emails? (Research recommends that you do). We build the rest of the campaign on this foundation.

4. Determine the calls to action you want your readers to respond to

These are your goals, the things we will measure. An unclear or absent call to action renders the whole campaign ineffective.

5. Write the emails

If it’s an email series, we write them in the order your subscribers will receive them. This ensures continuity. This is also the step that makes or breaks the success of your campaign, where professional email writing separates you from your competitors. The difference could mean getting a 25% open rate versus a 5% open rate.

6. Create subject lines that get opened

If no one opens it, it won’t get read. Many organizations over-complicate this part. This is the only purpose of a subject line: to get the reader to open the email.

Keeping this in mind, we will usually brainstorm a list of several options for subject lines. There is no way to know which one will actually work best. This part is not an exact science. We can pick the one we like best. Or, we can choose two or three, and run an A/B split test on a small portion of your list (highly recommended).

7. Design and send the email

Many organizations have people who do this for them already. This means that if you don’t want to hassle with uploading our content to your email delivery service, you don’t have to.

8. Track the data

Whether it’s through Constant Contact, Google Analytics, or other methods, you’ve got to know how well your email is working. And if you did an A/B test on a subject line or other feature, make sure and act on what the data shows. You can do this automatically in most email platforms.

I’ll do this for you if you don’t have the time or personnel to do it yourself.

Make Your Email Marketing An Asset

Using email with established patients and clients is one of the most effective ways to cultivate your relationship. It’s doesn’t work well with readers who have no connection with you. To them, it’s almost always spam.

But with an effective lead generation pathway, you’re sending emails to people who want to hear from you. They gave you their email for a reason.

And with a subscriber list, your task is not to convince them. It’s to retain them.

To Resuscitate Your Email List, contant me today.



Healthcare Email Marketing Consultant

Walt Kasmir, RN, Certified Senior Advisor®